“Coaching is fast becoming the primary 'training' method for our senior management, because it enables individual issues to be addressed.”

— Jodie Mahoney, Group Account Director, Head of Training and Development, Saatchi & Saatchi

“Peace and quiet. The coach listened, gave neutral feedback and wasn't afraid to be honest. With high integrity. I'm more understanding and empathic.”

— Group General Manager, Hospitality Industry

“Morale has increased, I'm more approachable. I include the team in the decisions. They are so much more responsive now, there is so much more respect. It has resulted in savings with labour cost, better productivity and happier staff and customers.”

— Con Vais, Food and Beverage Manager, Manly Pacific Hotel – managed by Novotel

“…an extremely intense, confronting and, dare I say it, life-changing experience. Although Erik's style is very positive and supportive, he does not shy away from asking difficult questions. Working with Erik has helped me break engrained thought patterns, giving me an increased self-confidence and optimism and helping me to reduce stress. It helped me develop a system for managing myself and improving my performance.”

— Kathryn Beatty, Group Manager, Corporate Strategy, Singtel Optus

Successful business starts with the individual.

Coaching is a solution focused, systematic process. Coaching helps people to perform at the peak of their abilities. It draws out people's strengths, helps them to bypass personal barriers, and facilitates them to function more effectively in teams and as leaders.

Working with a coach is safe, supportive, and completely confidential. Throughout the working relationship, the coach will engage in direct, personal, and sometimes confronting dialogue.

While working through actual work situations, we establish high performing mindsets and behaviours that allow individuals to succeed as business people and leaders. Specific communication and management skills training modules are included as needed.

Coaching programmes:

    • The coaching programme (content, frequency, length) is tailor made for the individual and their needs.
    • Simultaneous coaching of key individuals in a team.
    • Creates momentum and openness for improved team dynamics in addition to personal effectiveness.
    • Three month intensive leadership coaching programme.
    • For high performing current leaders, with prior leadership and management skills training.
    • “Successful and ready for more”: Self-actualised, demanding of themselves, open to learning.
    • Work on specific business goals, performance objectives or leadership style.
    • Six month intensive coaching and leadership development programme.
    • For high performing current and future leaders, without prior leadership and management skills training, or with significant gaps.
    • Work on specific performance plan objectives, and simultaneously work through a thorough leadership development programme (includes management skills, communication skills).
    • Six month intensive coaching and leadership development programme.
    • For high performing current and future leaders, with or without prior leadership and management skills training.
    • Especially suited for individuals aiming to improve their delegation and people skills. It helps them to make sustained change to the culture of their organisation, and to influence the development of their people.

Coaching outcomes are about effectiveness:


Highly effective influencing skills and management skills. A strong sense of self and direction. Responsibility and control. Diplomacy or appropriate assertiveness. Motivation. Business success. Satisfaction and happiness.


Improved relationships, harmonious teams and strength of organisation. Rigorous confrontation of the brutal facts. Responsiveness. Creativity and innovation. Focus on business and results. Clarity of direction and comfort in dealing with uncertainty and change.


Cost savings – both in people and business – and increased performance.